Visioning ~ Herbal Smoking Blend

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Opening the eyes.

10 g 

Herbal smoking blends can be used to help relax the mind and body, ease tension, as ceremonial act or to aid in the reduction of tobacco use among other things. Herbal smoking blends can also be combined with cannabis or tobacco. 

Our Visioning Herbal Blend is for both smoking or drinking as a tea. This blend is crafted with herbs that promote relaxation and lucid dreaming. Ideal for meditation, sleep or deep connection. Made with Mugwort, Mullein, Raspberry Leaf, Hops Damiana and a touch of Lavender, it's deeply aromatic and comforting.



Use with natural rolling papers or a pipe and enjoy. Alternatively, add 1tsp tea blend to 1 cup of hot water and steep 5-7 minutes.