German New Medicine and Hidden Blocks to Healing

German New Medicine and Hidden Blocks to Healing

What is German New Medicine?

I first herd of GNM many years ago, sometime in the early 2000's when I began looking into alternative health and metaphysical book stores, but it never took hold for me until much later.

It all began in the 1980's when German oncologist, Dr. Hamer, developed testicular cancer after the tragic loss of his son in a car accident. He wondered if his cancer was linked to his sudden loss and began to dive into the personal lives of his oncology patients.

Inevitably, he found very specific, shared experiences among patients of similar cancer types. We can go way deeper into this revelation but to sum up, he found specific 'conflicts' among not only specific cancers but all sorts of illness and chronic conditions. He dives into these conflict types and whether the symptoms expressed are part of a 'conflict active phase' or part of the 'conflict healing phase'. When working to support the healing of the conflict/trauma/emotion, the illness would resolve on its own. In his groundbreaking and controversial treatment of cancer, he had an 80% success rate.

While there's much more to say about GNM, it isn't the first time we've seen these links made. Intuitives including Louise Hay, were sharing their discoveries of emotion related to illness before Hamer. Hay, similarly, had developed vaginal cancer and was sure it was linked to childhood abuse and rape. Refusing conventional treatment, she paired healthy diet, therapy, enemas and forgiveness as her medicine.

Hay published several books beginning in the 70's, namely Heal Your Body, listing illnesses and body systems along with their correlating emotions and potential healing mantras.

Then of course we can look into Traditional Chinese Medicine (over 2000 years old) which has been working on the premise that each organ generates its own specific frequency when out of alignment, leading to the the manifestation of a specific emotion. 

There are more parallels between these and other healing systems than I can list here. But let's just say, they all seem to have tapped into the same wisdom.



While I work with herbs in my 1:1 practice, we work even more with the subtle emotions and frequencies in the layers between tissues. With training in Neurolinguistic Programming, GNM, muscle testing and more, we get to peel back those layers and find what emotions lay beneath.

In our small batch tinctures and body oils we do the same but in a broader perspective. For our Liver Support, we add flower essences to let go of anger and resentment. To our facial serums we add essences to support healthy boundaries, self love and self expression. To our Deep Sleep, we add essences to help release burdens and the need for control.

Working in these subtle worlds takes trust. A trust I'm stepping into more and more as I see the results of this work grow. Having grown up with muscle testing and homeopathy, these subtle realms are not new to me, but stepping fully in with my  business and actually talking about it has taken some courage.    

To find out more about how GNM and similar findings may apply to your lingering health issues, reach out and book a Seed Session. We use a variety of modalities and techniques to get to those underlying emotions; releasing what we can and working to soften and create space for flow and healing. 

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