small batch botanicals for peace of mind & body

Infuse yourself with the power of hand harvested plants + fresh infusions. No preservatives, no added fragrance. No essential oils. Just nature at its purest.

Custom orders + formulations

Do you already know what tinctured herbs or you want and are simply looking to have them bottled? No problem. We have many single herb tinctures ready for bottling + blending.
Have complicated health concerns and can't find a ready made blend that you think hits the mark? Reach out!

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Metaphysical Herbalism

Feeling Stuck?

We do one on one consultations! From a simple custom formulation to a more in-depth and multifaceted approach for those feeling stuck in their healing journey. Reach out for more info or click below.

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Small jar of cream surrounded by dry rose and magnolia petals
keeping it real

Safe + Simple Healing

We use gentle herbs to address common concerns including anxiety, sleep, immunity and skin care. No pthalates, parabens, preservatives or essential oils. Health doesn't have to be complicated.


Plant Sanctuary

As a member of the United Plant Savers, the EFAO and CWF, we are dedicated to not only foraging ethically but also working to protect at-risk medicinal plants that have been over-harvested by large herb companies or impacted by toxic farming practices and urban sprawl.

We do our best to utilize invasive medicinal herbs growing around us, while stewarding and avoiding use or our native at-risk plants.

By stewarding and fostering the re-establishment and continued growth of our native species, they will hopefully gain a foothold and begin providing potent medicine for future generations.

Part of every Bloem sale goes towards establishing our Kimberley Creek Medicinal Plant Sanctuary.

Interested in helping? Contact us for volunteering opportunities!

A nerve near my ear was inflammed, making my face numb. I used this (Sun + Moon BO) on the side of my face for 2 days and it cleared up. Magic! Thank you for crafting such amazing products with care.