Smoking the Herb, but not Cannabis!

Smoking the Herb, but not Cannabis!

Smoking herbs has long been used across cultures, religions and medical practices around the world. It was common to smoke specific herbs like mullein or coltsfoot when hit with a wet cough or bronchial infection. From tobacco to raspberry leaf, from Passion flower to willow, from catnip to mugwort, there was place for many herbs in the pipe of an herbalist, a healer, a story teller and traveller. 

I would smoke cigarettes behind the church with friends as a child. It made me dizzy but I enjoyed the rebellious act and sharing in that time with friends. That occasional craving for cigarettes continued as I grew up and hung out with friends at the bar or campsite, a drink in hand and laughter in my throat. Even now, so many years later, as I sit around the fire with friends and a glass of wine I can't help but notice the craving. It could be weeks or months, even a year between cigarettes and yet...

I began making herbal smoking blends for myself sometime after I had kids. A way to participate without the lingering effects of inhaling tobacco, pesticides and ammonia. I didn't enjoy smoking Cannabis either... I would partake but would often wish I hadn't as my tolerance was so low. Making my own blend allowed me to participate in the ritual without partaking in the things that made me fill ill or loopy. I could add a little CBD (non psychoactive cannabis/hemp) to my blend for relaxing effects or go without all together. 

After admitting to several friends how much I enjoyed smoking, I found that there were many who also shared the same feeling, the same ritual craving. Some craved it socially, some with alcohol, some at the end of each day as the kids had finally drifted off and the dishes were all done. "Herbal smoking blends without tobacco or cannabis?" they asked. Yes.

And so the blends began to take form.

How I made my own. I gathered fresh herbs and let them dry on screens or racks or in the dehydrator until dry, but not crispy. I cut or teared them into little pieces, removing stems and rolling between the hands until it was light and fluffy and fully mixed. Mullein and Raspberry are great base herbs to use for this and have long been the base for many herbal blends over the centuries. Add lavender, mint, catnip, mugwort, lemon balm, marshmallow leaf, fennel, rose or sage. It's a fun process for sure! 

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