My herbal knowledge has been acquired slowly. Reading books, taking courses, walking the woods and listening to those wiser than myself over the past decade has accumulated in me a deep respect and love of the plant world. I work with only safe and easily accessible plants, mostly in my own backyard. I grow them from seed or from root lovingly shared, I gather from the woods, streams and meadows. I forage sustainably. I gather, infuse and press these herbs according to the moon phases, allowing them to steep for a full cycle or two.  

My children often forage and garden alongside me. I see them apply yarrow to their cuts and nosebleeds, plantain to their bug bites and eat all sorts of herbs from the garden and forest alike. 

Follow along and you'll be doing this yourself. Without noticing you'll pinch off some mint when you're feeling indigestion or some sage when you've got a cough. The feeling of knowing how to care for yourself is unlike any other. It resonates deeply within us, an ancestral knowing perhaps. A call to be empowered. 


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