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herbal crafter

Founder and formulator, Sarah Tacoma has been digging her hands in the dirt since childhood and in herbalism specifically since 2008.

Here at Bloem, we grow our herbs from seed or from root lovingly shared, we gather from the woods, streams and meadows. We forage sustainably. Where we can't grow or gather, we acquire from organic farmers. We infuse and press these herbs according to the their rhythms and phases of the moon, allowing them to steep for several weeks or even months.  

our story

Wanting to sit in fields of flowers or wander through rows of overgrown gardens is a natural pull, a yearning so deep it feels as though the soft breeze is whispering to us and beckoning us to come closer. 

Infusing flowers and leafs in sun warmed oil and anointing our skin with it's luxuriousness is as old as time. Preservatives came in when little bottles needed to sit on shelves for months and years at a time before being slathered on unsuspecting bodies. Fragrances added to mask oil rancidity, emulsifiers to make the creamiest of lotions and our skin became another carrier of toxic load, baring upon our liver and immune system. 

Simple herbal infusions are not lost. They remain, right here, outside your back door and under your feet. Look down and notice the green you stand on, the flower that beckons, the leaves that shimmer. 

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our mission

We want to empower you with self care. We want to show you the mysteries that lay within the herbs growing at your door and provide safe, simple, small batch botanicals for peace of mind and body.

We also strive to support our local community through our Bloem Box Benefit program, donating care packages of products to those living at My Friend’s House, a woman's shelter on the shores on Georgian Bay.

As a member of The United Plant Savers, we also work to re-introduce and protect at risk plants that are often over-harvested for their medicinal uses.

Join us. Be a part of something powerful and connected. Listen to that whisper in the long grass.