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herbal crafter

Hello, I'm Sarah. My herbal knowledge has been acquired slowly. Reading books, taking courses, walking the woods and listening to those wiser than myself over the past decade.
I grow my herbs from seed or from root lovingly shared, I gather from the woods, streams and meadows. I forage sustainably. Where I can't grow or gather, I acquire from organic sources. I infuse and press these herbs according to the their rythms and phases of the moon, allowing them to steep for several weeks or even months.  

Our Story

This business began as a dream in my childhood, began to take shape in my 20’s and 30’s as I deepened my knowledge and finally took form in 2020. The year of insight. The year of digging within.

Based in the idea of making medicine from my own backyard, I try to stick with bio-regional plants and those I can grow from seed in my garden.

Our home is in Kimberley, Ontario, deep in the Beaver Valley. The escarpment runs behind us, the river runs in front. My apothecary stands next to my husband’s art studio and side by side we craft while our children run amuck in the woods and streams around us.

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Our mission

I want to empower others with herbal knowledge, I want to provide a space and a community in which you can learn what we all once knew. I want you to have the tools on hand to address basic concerns so that you can take your health into your hands in an incredible way. Whether that be by having the products on hand you’ve purchased or learned to make.

Let me show you the plants. Let me show their uses. Let’s dive in and discover together, because the journey is ongoing.