St. Johns Wort Tincture

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Let Yourself be Lifted.

2oz . 60ml

A gentle lift, a hand held. St.John's Wort is a gentle and effective herb for your self care practice. Best used daily as a tonic for mood.



St.John's Wort has a pain reducing and mildly sedative effect which makes it an effective herb for anxiety, tension, irritability and mild depression along with fibrositis, sciatica and rheumatic pains. It's often referred to as a sunshine herb for its use in lifting one's mood. St.John's Wort is also used to treat the herpes specific virus which includes cold sores, shingles and genital herpes. It is often used topically and internally for these conditions.

*Contains vodka and raw, local honey.


This is a fresh, whole plant infused tincture made with hand-harvested herbs grown organically or foraged locally.



This is an internal product. Take 15-30 drops in water a day or as needed.

*NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SERIOUS DEPRESSION and can interfere with anti-depressant medications - Please consult your doctor for treatment of serious depression. 
*St Johns Wort may interfere with HEART MEDICATIONS, please consult your doctor prior to use. 




Study found potent antiviral activity against HSV-1 (herpes) from a methanolic extract of Hypericum mysorense, a methanolic extract of Hypericum hookerianum , and an acetone and chloroform extract of Usnea complanta. Virus yield reduction assays revealed Hypericum mysorense and Hypericum hookerianum as the only plant extracts to offer 100% protection from viral particles.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter study, the clinical efficacy and safety of two different extracts of St. John's wort were investigated in 147 male and female outpatients suffering from mild or moderate depression.
The antiviral properties of hypericin (SJW) were shown against a large number of viruses including HIV, influenza virus A, herpes simplex, bovine diarrhea virus (BVDV), hepatitis C, duck reovirus, and bronchitis virus. Hypericin (SJW) seems to be particularly effective against enveloped viruses by targeting and modifying viral proteins. This effect is enhanced by light, which not only inactivates the virus, but can also prevent fusion of the virus with the cell membrane of the host.