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Hibiscus + Sumac Lip Balm

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Moisten and Tint

1oz . 30ml

Delicious, moisturizing, nourishing and lightly tinted with Hibiscus and Alkanet root. This lip balm is one of our favourite products! 



This balm is also great as an emergency bug bite remedy!



Sumac is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and full of nutrients. This antioxidant rich and wild berry is one of my personal favourites. 

Dandelion loves to grow in compact soil where it can reach its roots down, breaking up the earth and finding nutrients. In our bodies it does something similar by breaking up stagnation and getting all the juices flowing.

Plantain nourishes skin, moistens dry tissues and is anti-inflammatory. It's high mucilage content enables it to coat and deeply moisturize cell membranes.

Mulberry are high in vitamin C, can improve blood circulation and contain powerful antioxidants.

*Contains avocado oil and beeswax.


This is a whole plant infused lip balm made with hand-harvested herbs grown organically or foraged locally.



This is an external product. Apply to dry, damaged lips when needed.