Digest Bitters - Dandelion & Ginger

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Rest and Digest

2oz / 60ml

*CLEARANCE Best Before August 31, 2022. Keep in fridge. 

Getting the juices flowing. Our bodies need a little help digesting from time to time. Our digestive juices are low, our gut biome imbalanced. Digestive stimulants have been used for centuries for this purpose, to help our bodies break down food properly and effectively so that we can absorb nutrients and dispose of toxins. 

There are a number of digestive stimulants we can use, from fennel and anise to burdock and dandelion and so many in between. Bitters help kick our system into action.


Dandelion loves to grow in compacted soil where it can reach its roots down, breaking up the earth and finding nutrients. In our bodies it does something similar by breaking up stagnation and getting all the juices flowing. 

Ginger for brining heat and easing inflammation in the digestive system. 

Orange for managing stomach acid

Apple Cider Vinegar can aid in managing appropriate stomach acid levels and aids in bloating and gas. 

*Contains Raw Honey 



Take a 10-30 drops before meals to aid in digestion or after meals to ease indigestion, gas or bloating.