Cough Syrup ~ Wild Cherry Bark & Elderflower

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Soothe the throat

4oz / 120ml

The season of immunity seems to never end lately. But if your immune tonics didn't catch it in time, this cough syrup is made for you. Gentle and soothing, soft and warming. Sweet with rose hips and floral with elderflower, this syrup is a new fav. 

Welcome ease and relief to a sore throat.



Wild Cherry Bark relaxes tension in the lungs without suppressing the much needed cough to expel mucus. It is ideal in cases where the cough has become spasmodic, the tissues are inflamed and the cough is no longer serving its purpose but is acting as a reflex. 

Elderflower works as a beautiful and gentle immune toning herb. It's soothing to inflamed tissues and helps mucus expel property from the lungs. 

Rose hips are high in vitamin C, proving immune support while also soothing the distress that comes with a nasty cough. 

Marshmallow to soothe and coat the mucus membranes of both the lungs and colon to support inflamed tissues and assist in flushing toxins. 

Red Clover has long been used for spasmodic coughs, to expel mucus, and as a mild sedative with a special affinity for the lungs, throat and salivary glands. Especially used in croup or whooping cough.

Raw Honey is antiviral, anti-inflammatory and soothes the throat. 

*Contains Vodka 



This Cough Syrup can be taken at 1/2 tsp, 4x per day for adults or 1/4tsp 3x per day for children aged 2-7yrs.