Breast + Lymph Massage Oil ~ Cystic + Tender Breasts

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Give 'em some love!

4oz . 113ml

Our breasts are often viewed as either sexual, food based or carriers of potential harm. Let's shift the focus with some tender love and attention, spending some time every day to massage, to thank, to connect to these tender and unappreciated tissues.

This is made with sweet violet flowers and leaves collected only in the spring along footpaths and open meadows, which makes this a very seasonal product. I love combining violet with the magic of dandelion flowers and the movement of cleavers for an ideal breast and lymph massage oil. 

Use this day or night. Let it fully absorb before putting clothes back on again. Avoid restrictive clothing or bras while the lymph does it work to drain. 



Sweet Violet is known as a chest medicine for it's effects on not only the lungs but also the heart. It's used to break up stagnation and dense tissues while releasing emotions stored in our muscles. 

Dandelion Flowers are bearers of joy, they aid in breaking down tough tissues as well as soothing pain and inflammation.

Cleavers are an amazing lymph medicine, helping the juices flow appropriately and move those toxins out of the system as intended. 

*Contains Avocado Oil & Castor Oil 



Light a candle, take a bath or just set aside a few moments for self care. Apply sparingly as needed and massage in with love and tenderness. 

Let fully absorb before putting on clothing and avoid restrictive garments