Visioning Flower Essence ~ Intuition + Ritual

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Trust your intuition, open yourself up .

1oz / 30ml


Mugwort, the moon, the opener of worlds. Holy Basil, the sacred grounder. Lavender, the interpreter. Elderflower, the wise crone. Bergamot the expander of spiritual awareness. Borage, the giver of courage. 

All of these herbs were harvested fresh from our gardens and surrounding meadows and infused in spring water and a sweet, organic glycerine. To each bottle we added the flower essences of Yarrow, Mullein, Hops and Cosmos for spiritual and emotional protection, playfulness, ethereal body connection and integration of ideas + speech. 

Let these herbs calm and ground you while opening you up to a higher vibration. Invite your intuition to step forward and welcome the integration of those ideas with your mind and voice. 

Best used daily for a deep integration of intuition and spiritual connection combined with grounding of the physical body. Also wonderful used in combination with mediation, lucid dreaming or ritual.  



Borage has long been used to provide courage before battle, to provide resilience in fear, to lift the spirit and they heart towards the sun. 

Yarrow provides emotional protection from those around us. Providing a gentle armour that allows us to empathize without taking on the feelings of others.

Cosmos for connecting our hearts to our heads, for finding clarity and voice.

Mullein clears the mind of trivial pursues and allows for a distinct inner voice to resound and providing resilience against social pressures that inhibit our potential.

Hops helps the etheric body and ethereal fluidium to be vibrant and healthy. It helps us find the playfulness within while holding wisdom for the sixth chakra. 

Tulsi / Holy Basil assists in channeling energy (prana) down from the crown chakra and up from the soles of the feet, meeting at the heart. It brings an elevated awareness and integration of spiritual energy with physicality and the senses. 

Lavender helps us see through the chaos and distractions to find clarity. It also helps us stand in our truth and act from it fearlessly.

Bergamot is for those ready to make a change in their lives and leave their old stories behind. It expands spiritual awareness and is said to assist with directly receiving information form the spiritual realms and with shifting attitudes. 

Elderflower brings the wisdom of the grandmother, the crone, holding you in her supportive embrace. It helps bring the physical and emotional bodies together on one plane to heal the modalities that link the emotional with the physical being. 

Mugwort bring deeply grounded bodily awareness while expanding consciousness. It helps those who need to cultivated a body-soul grounding while being tapped into higher soul dimensions. Promotes lucid dreaming. 

*Contains organic vegetable glycerine, water and vodka.



 Take 1-2 spritzes daily or as needed before mediation or ritual.

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