Repose Tea ~ Tulsi + Vervain

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Invite ease of nerves and a deep calming sensation as you sip.

30 g

 We all get overwhelmed and overworked and I like to keep my 'toolbox' stocked with helpful remedies and rituals to keep my nervous system from getting too frazzeled, or calming it when it's gone too far. From tinctures to body oiling to teas, all of the above can be allies in times of stress. 

This blend was crafted to help calm the nervous system, build tolerance to stress, establish boundaries and soften sharp or fragile edges. 


Tulsi/Holy Basil has been used to soothe the nerves and increase tolerance of stress (physical, immunological, emotional and psychological) as an adaptogen. It's a wonderful immune tonic due to its ability to increase stress tolerance of the immune system. And it's also delicious.

Catnip has long been used to calm the nervous system, slow racing thoughts and anxiety and soothe tension, especially when held in the gut.  

Passionflower is a wonderful adaptogen that help increase tolerance to stress like Tulsi while quieting that inner chatter of the mind.

Blue Vervain
is a wonderful nervine; soothing frayed nerves while also helping to establish boundaries and recognize when enough is enough.

is a gentle nervine that helps to calm and slow racing thoughts, help with scattered thinking and relax the body.

Milky Oats
are a wonderful herb to bring balance to the nervous system; amping up or slowing it down, it does as it sees fit while nourishing the NS and body as a whole.

Infuse 1tsp herb blend per cup of hot water for 7-10min. Sip 1-3 cups daily or as needed.