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White Pine + Clove - Immuni-Tea Blend

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Let the woods restore you


30 g

Simmering comfier needles for tea is an ancient practice and one many keep today. Whenever I'm feeling congestion or a flu creeping into my lungs I wander into the woods and begin to gather fallen branches. Walking in pine forests alone can improve our immunity and restore health, drinking the a tea of its needles and bark is even better. Be sure to breath in the steam! 

In today's world there is a lot said for the wonders of pine. You can dive deep into the folklore of ancient times or refer to modern studies. For this blend I added a few additional supports to aid in immune health and drive the pine where it's needed most. 



White Pine is warming and is used specifically for respiratory and bronchial complaints. Both the needles and the thin twigs are used in promoting the expectoration and removal of mucus from the lungs. It is anti-viral, anti-flu and can ward against cardiac issues including blood clotting. It is potentially effective against protein contagions. 

Scotch Pine is much the same as white pine in it's actions and uses. It has long been used for its anti-bacterial action and was historically used in storing food to prevent rancidity

Plantain is slippery and often used in the treatment of coughs and mucous membrane irritation. It's high amount of potassium makes it useful in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Mugwort is a bitter that is often used to boost energy and promote healthy digestion. It aids in stimulating gastric juices and bile secretion to better break down foods, assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins. Energetically, it's used to help drive other herbs to where they need to go. 

Clove is high in antioxidants, is an antibacterial and improves liver health. It is used to fright free radicals which may otherwise lead to disease and may also help reduce the risk of heart disease. It has been used to boost immune system health and fight agains infections and flu. 



Add 1tsp tea blend to 1 cup of water and simmer or steep 10-15min.