restoring balance

Find Your Inner Healer

Using a combination of herbs, flower essences and neurolinguistic programing, we pull back the layers to reveal your inate, inner healer.

Transform your Health

 "Modern medicine makes the patient fit the medicine rather than the medicine fit the woman" ~ Diane Stein

Body, Mind + soul

The healing journey

Are you experiencing a health concern, chronic pain, digestive challenges or general imbalance and are looking for holistic support?

Together we can dive in and see what phsyical and emotional issues may be tangled together in the tissues and support you to achieve your health goals with herbs, frequencies, lifestyle, mindset and more.

Seed Session

1-2 hr intake including a customized Wellness Plan, herbal formula(s), psycosomatic techniques as well as email support for one month.


Iridology Session

45-60 min session including analysis of the iris markings as they relate to body systems and potential weaknesses along with constitution types.


Bloem Program

Three month program including 4+ sessions, Iridology Analyis, Wellness Plan, custom formulations, psycosomatic techniques and more.

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