Rosacea Reset Course ~ from Herbs to GNM

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Have you been struggling with Rosacea and can't quite get to the root of it? Or are you looking for a gentler way to support your body without the use of topical steroids? 

Working with safe and gentle herbs to support the gut, the skin and the nervous system while addressing underlying emotional factors through the lens of German New Medicine, we look to support the body, mind and spirit in healing. 

Included in this program is a layout for nutritionherbs, nervous system support and working with beliefs and trauma linked to rosacea + acne. There are modules that dive into the each of these systems at length, giving information on what to avoid and what to promote to support balance in the mind + body. 


Herbs & Supplements - We'll be diving into herbs that support digestion, ease inflammation, support skin cell regeneration and cool the heat both internally and externally. We'll also be incorporating a few supplements to address gut health and bacterial / fungal overgrowth.

GNM + Psychosomatics - We'll be diving into limiting beliefs, childhood experiences, the voice of the body and more to address what emotional issues can be hiding in the tissues and working to resolve those.

Nutrition - We'll be addressing nutrition by incorporating clean foods and reducing synthetic chemicals, sugars and processed foods. We're also laying out safe and gentle cleanse and detox options.

Nervous System - We'll be looking into herbs and self care practices for addressing stress, anxiety, overwhelm and sleep, all of which can be major triggers of inflammation and Rosacea.

BONUS: Instructions videos and recipes for making your own herbal formulas at home, charts for your symptoms, cycle, emotions, herbs and nutrition, and MORE.

*Be sure to check with your health care practitioner before making any adjustments to your routine. This course is not a replacement for medical advice, it is for educational purposes only.


We'll be covering several safe, simple and readily available herbs in this course. We'll also go over where you can purchase them and how you can make your own formulations if we wish to do so.

Take this course slow and easy. Go in order and skip around! There's a lot to take in so go at your own pace and do what calls to you.