Mugwort Infused Organic Castor Oil ~ Liver, Womb, Lymph

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Ease stagnation and welcome softness to the deepest tissues and organs

4oz . 120ml

*Does not include cloth*

Castor Oil has long been used in the treatment of cysts, fibroids, scars and sluggish or overworked livers. It deeply penetrates the tissues and helps to break up hard tissue and scars while also softening and moving stagnation. 

Applied in the form of a Castor Oil Pack (oil placed on an organic fleece cloth, applied to the body with heat), castor oil can penetrate the tissues up to 8cm deep!

Mugwort gets into the deepest tissues of the body. Combined with any other herbs, it will bring that oil's medicine to depths within the body that it wouldn't get to otherwise. Mugwort has the magical ability to go where it is needed and support the body both physically and energetically.  

Castor oil can be applied WITH our WITHOUT a castor oil pack cloth for scars and surface issues, but for deep tissue and organ support, castor oil packs have much greater success.

Our Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Pack clothes are available separately and come in Adult + Child Sizes (for liver, womb, digestion) and Thyroid Size. These pack cloths are made with organic cotton fleece with an outer protective layer to prevent leaks/messes, and soft stretchy straps to secure in place. 


Mugwort is a complex herb that is used to stimulate blood flow, reduce pain, support the womb and digestive systems and drive herbs deeper into the body. This a sacred herb with long history of use in healing.

Yarrow is a wonderful herb that is used to move blood, reduce inflammation, and harmonize fluids between different energetics.

Comfrey is a powerhouse used for deep tissue repair, supporting the healing process of bruises as well as
pulled muscles and ligaments, fractures, sprains and deep trauma.

Castor oil applied with heat, promotes circulation to the organs it's applied to. It prevents and softens the build of up endometrial tissues, cysts and fibroids. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage and looses up masses or cysts by softening tough tissues up to 8cm deep.


If you've never done a Castor Oil Pack, don't worry, it's simple. Apply a little oil to the Castor Pack cloth (sold separately). Leave as is or apply a hot water bottle or heating pad on top. Then just take a deep breath, close your eyes and rest for 45 min - 1hr.

After, remove castor pack cloth and place in glass jar for later use. Continue to use cloth until fully saturated. Wash by hand or replace with fresh castor pack cloth.