Organic Cotton Castor Oil Pack Cloths

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Castor oil packs when paired with organic castor oil are an incredible tool for supporting the liver, womb, thyroid, digestive system and deep tissue injuries. When applied with heat, castor oil penetrated the tissues up to 8cm/3in! 

Why is that so important? Castor oil works to soften tight, tough tissues and promote movement and flow within the tissues. When used over the liver, it can help to soften stagnation and stimulate the flushing of toxins and gall stones while promoting the healing of damaged tissues.

Applied to the digestive system, it can help to promote the softening and movement of impacted bowels, ease digestive cramping and more. Applied to the womb, it can help to soften cysts, endometriosis, scaring and other growths. 

Used to support torn ligaments, sprains and other deep tissue injuries, castor oil can support healing of tissues and prevent deep tissue scaring. 

This cloth packs can be used WITH or WITHOUT heat, although Castor Oil penetrates much deeper with the use of heat. 

**DOES NOT INCLUDE CASTOR OIL**  Find our Mugwort Infused Organic Castor Oil here.

Queen of the Thrones® original heatless, less-mess, reusable Castor Oil Pack for Liver

  • Inner layer organic cotton flannel 
  • Outer “less mess” layer polypropylene
  • Nylon straps

Select the size you need for your use. Unsure of what size to use? Reach out!

If you've never done a Castor Oil Pack, don't worry, it's simple. Apply 1-2tbsp Mugwort Infused Organic Castor Oil (Sold separately) to the Castor Pack cloth. Leave as is or apply a hot water bottle or heating pad on top. Then just take a deep breath, close your eyes and rest for 45 min - 1hr. Alternatively, you can wear this pack overnight if you're not applying heat.

Afterwards, remove castor pack cloth and place in glass jar for later use. Continue to use cloth until fully saturated. Wash by hand or replace with fresh castor pack cloth.