Making Herbs Work for You

Making Herbs Work for You

I see it all the time. 

Trying a herb, a tea, an elixir or potion... maybe crystals, essential oils or a vitamin. These things are all wonderful and can have small or impressive effects. They can shift something slowly and incrementally enough to make a marked improvement, specially for something acute.

Often times though these things alone can roll off the edges like a droplet of water off a leaf. They leave little trace of their presence. Paired with other practices though, the effect can be greater than the sum of its individual parts. 

Some Digest Bitters combined with a thoughtful and nutritious meal for instance. Or gentle stretching along with Liver Support Elixir to improve elimination of toxins. Dry brushing the body, slowly and intentionally, followed by a massage with Holy Basil Body Oil for emotional and nervous system support. Herbal tea paired with journalling on a quiet morning. Facial serum followed by a little lymph massage to reduce inflammation. Courage my Love followed by a walk through the still forest. 

Don't let these beautiful bottles and jars sit dusty on shelves lost to grand intentions. Let these supports be part of your rituals, let them work their magic with and through you daily.


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