Yarrow Tincture ~ Womb + Blood

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2oz / 60ml

Bleeding too heavily? Not bleeding enough? Yarrow has a way of finding a balance between the two. You can use this to staunch blood flow, externally or internally while also disinfecting. A great balancer, Yarrow also works on the female reproductive system to soothe menstrual contractions. Also used for headaches, angina and shortness of breath. 

I keep a bottle of this in my purse at all times to quickly stop any nose bleeds (dropped into the nose and/or mouth) and to help ease heavy menstrual flow. 



Yarrow is a wonderful herb for aiding the body in dealing with issues of blood flow and fever. Combined with its antiseptic and wound healing properties, it has long been referred to as Soldier Wort, Wound Wort and more. It's folklore is steeped in protection, both physical (from battle) and energetic. It is commonly used now to reduce menstural flow when it is too heavy and bring on menstrual flow when it is late or scanty. It has a wonderful balancing action that way. 

Actions ~ astringent, antiseptic, diaphoretic, hypotensive, astringent

*Contains vodka + raw honey.

Our yarrow is both organically grown in our gardens and foraged locally from wild meadows. 

Take 15 drops, 3x/per day to increase or reduce blood flow. Use for 3-4 days at a time only. Or take 30-40 drops for acute care.