Planning + Planting your Medicinal Herb Garden REPLAY + PDF

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Seeding your health

Do you ever feel powerless when it comes to your health? Do you wish your grandparents taught you some basic herbal remedies for things like the flu, a nasty sting, stomach ache, broken bones and more? News flash. You're not alone. YOU ARE MORE THAN CAPABLE OF GROWING YOUR OWN MEDICINE

Check our our Workshop REPLAY and PDF for herbal garden planning and know how. 

What we'll explore;
  • Picking the right herbs for you
  • What to start to from seed vs seedling
  • When and how to start seeds 
  • When and how to transplant seedlings
  • Herb garden design and companion planting
  • Garden bed/box prep
  • Using herbs

This 1.5hr workshop includes a handy PDF with garden bed/box/planter designs, links to my favourite seed and seedling suppliers and a wonderful little write up on my top 6 herbs for easy growing and use! You'll leave this workshop with a plan in hand and feeling ready to begin growing and using your own medicinal herbs. 

In Person workshops are also available, be sure to check them out!

*Image credit to the incredible Lore Pemberton