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Rose Tincture + Flower Essence ~ Heart Medicine

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Invite strength to a delicate heart + a softening of thorns. Open your heart, you are safe.

1oz / 30ml

I think of rose like a grandmother; we come to her frustrated, scared or hurt. "I'm fine. Don't worry." we try to assure both her and ourselves. ⁠

She sits quietly and smiles knowingly, like she sees past our masks and spiky thorns. She brings us a cup of tea, puts her hand on our knee, looks us deep in the eyes and says, "Now tell me how you're really doing." ⁠

No judgement. No flinching. She's seen it all before. ⁠

Our thorns soften, a bit of our walls come down and we realize how much we've hidden from the world and even ourselves. We breathe in slowly and deeply, and realize how long it's been since we've experienced that kind of breath. ⁠

Our muscles begin to relax. Tears fall like rain and we smile at the release. ⁠

We look back into her eyes, deep as the ocean, and she smiles again. "Drink your tea" she says. We walk into the garden together, leaving behind the weight of all that protection and find we're freer than ever.⁠

Best used daily. 

This is a fresh plant tincture, extracted in Vodka



Rose is a physical and emotional heart medicine. It is anti-viral and high in antioxidants. Rose is often used to treat anxiety, menstrual cramps, inflammation and problem skin.

Rose Flower Essence is used in matters of sadness, grief and loss. It's also used in cases where one guards their heart with thorns or where boundaries need to be established. Rose is useful to open and soften the heart and to build bridges where there is dispute. Wonderful in times of conflict. 

Joe Pye Weed Flower Essence is used to uplift the heart; bringing joy and trust. Useful in times of feeling burned out, resistant or disheartened. 

*This is a fresh plant tincture extracted in Vodka.



 Take 10-15 drops daily or as needed.

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