Parasite Cleanse ~ 10 days

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Invite a release of parasitic organisms + energies, while welcoming self love and boundaries

1 fl oz . 30 ml per bottle (2 bottles included)

Our Parasite Cleanse is a combination of two separate formulas intended to  ‘pulse’ anti-parasitic herbs without those little critters adapting too quickly. Although you can start with either one, I suggest beginning with the Wormwood + Mugwort and following it up with the Black Walnut + Calendula, finishing each bottle completely.

This cleanse should take 10-12 days total. For a deeper flush of more stubborn parasites, I suggest ordering two (use code DOUBLECLEANSE for 15% off) and using them back to back for 20-24 days total. 

Symptoms of infection cause by parasites can vary depending on the parasite and person but the most common include; stomach cramps and pain, nausea, dehydration, swollen lymph nodes, digestion issues, skin issues including rashes, eczema and hives, muscle pains, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, recurring yeast infections etc. 

Parasites are easily picked up but many who experience ongoing or problematic parasites can also tend to feel burdened by other’s expectations or negative emotions. They may give of themselves too freely or tend to hold onto resentments, self-loathing or anger.

It may be best in these situations to meditate or journal throughout the process, reevaluate boundaries and allow oneself to let go of negative energy. 

Be sure to eat clean, whole foods, fibre and lots of veg while avoiding sugars if you want the best results! I'll be sending you a guide after purchase.

Consider using our Liver Support Tincture for digestive support following the cleanse. 



Wormwood is a potent anti-parasitic herb that has a long history of use in  protection; warding off evil spirits, cleansing the system of illness and parasites and as a smoke medicine to cleanse a body or space. Its highly potent and bitter leaves are collected after flowering when the volatile oils have reduced and the plant is a little gentler on the system. 

Mugwort is the gentler cousin of Wormwood and has a long history of use in protection, digestive supports, sleep supports and etheric uses. This protective herb has a ‘witchy’ status as it was long carried by women, hung over doorways and tucked into pillow cases. Mugwort also has the reputation of softening and shifting blockages, both physically and emotionally/spiritually. 

Flower essences to move stagnant energy, let go of negativity and soften into oneself. 

Black Walnut Hull's key active compound is juglone which is highly toxic to many insect herbivores and is often used by organic farmers as a natural pesticide. It has long been used to expel parasitic worms from the body including ringworm, tape worm, pin or thread worm and others. Aside from its use in parasites, it has also been discovered as potentially anti-cancer, is anti-fungal and antimicrobial, improves cardiovascular health and promotes healthy skin.  

Calendula is a wonderful lymphatic tonic, helping the body to move fluid from the interstitial tissues and support the immune system. This is a wonderful ally in supporting the body to flush unwanted residents. As Calendula also speeds up skin cell regeneration and reduces inflammation, it is wonderful in cases where there may be a damaged gut or gut lining. Calendula also happens to be very grounding which is helpful with any flushing. 

Garden Sage is a strong anti-viral and contains high amounts of volatile oils. It has a long use in treating parasites and viruses. 

Self Heal is an all around wonderfully supportive herb that is used to ease inflammation and speed up healing. It is anti-viral, anti-cancer, supports the lymph and supports the gut. This is a wonderful herb to use as the gut is going to through changes.

Flower essences to increase self awareness, courage to speak up for oneself and to establish boundaries. Also, to promote love, self respect and emotional/energetic protection while supporting the immune system.  



25-30 drops in a little water, 3x/day until the bottle is used up (5-6 days per bottle). Best taken on an empty stomach. One round for minor infection, two for moderate infections. 
Avoid use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a doctor if on medications. 

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