Milky Oats Tincture ~ Nervous Exhaustion

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Invite Ease + Flow in Your Metal + Physical Health

1 fl oz . 30 ml 

Complete nervous exhaustion is something many of us have experience with; from work load, health issues, family, etc, it's no wonder. 

Oats can be our best friend in these times though. Known as a trophorestorative, they bring balance to the nervous system more effectively than any other herb in our western materia medica . 

From oats that we eat (organic regular cook only), to oat straw to the unripened oat tops, they are nourishing to our whole system. The milky oats specifically for nervous exhaustion. 

These milky oats and oat straw were gathered by hand at their prime under the summer sun of our garden.

We've added flower essences of Feverfew + Rose to help soothe the nerves, open the heart and establish healthy boundaries. 


Tonic, Nervine, Relaxant, Stimulant, Antispasmodic, Anti-depressant, Nutritive, demulcent (especially as porridge), Vulnerary, antitumor, diuretic, neurotonic and an Endocrine Restorative

*Organically grown and extracted in vodka + raw honey


20-30 drops in water, 2x/day or as needed in acute situations.