Lung Love Tea ~ Soothe

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Invite lung support and ease of congestion, cough and sore throat

25 g

Soothe and coat mucus membranes and irritated tissues with gentle and tasty herbs. I love to make this tea along side an herbal foot bath for treating colds in our house. 

To make an herbal foot bath, gather a handful of fresh or dried herbs including thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, pine and/or cedar. Simmer in water for 15-20min and pour into a large pot or flat bottomed bowl with enough cool water to make it hot but not scalding. Add some sea salt or epsom salts and slowly lower the feet in. I do this for my children regularly! They get wrapped in a warm blanket and given a honey-sweetened cup of Lung Love Tea while sitting on the couch, their feet soaking away. I simply reheat gently when it cools off.

This blend is ideal for anytime of day and any age. 



Mullein has long been used to soothe the lungs and quell coughs. It's a mild relaxant for the lungs and also moistens and soothes the mucus membranes. This is wonderful in dry, irritated situations where there is a cough or damage from smoke inhalation, asthma or upper respiratory infection.

Marshmallow is used to expel mucus where this too much, soothe inflamed or dry/damaged tissues and gently stimulate the immune system. It has a long history of use in treating coughs, healing wounds and sore throats as well as soothing digestive inflammation and ulcers. 

Tulsi/Holy Basil has been used to soothe the nerves and increase tolerance of stress (physical, immunological, emotional and psychological) as an adaptogen. It's a wonderful immune tonic due to its ability to increase stress tolerance of the immune system. And it's also delicious.

Elderflower is a wonderful and under-utilized immune tonic herb. We often rely on her late summer berries for immune support but the June blooming and fragrant flowers are a wonderful and slightly milder option. Elderflower tones the immune system, giving it support without over stimulating. 

Sage is wonderful immune stimulant, high in volatile oils that are anti-viral and helpful for opening the airways and clearing of congestion. Long used in the treatment of coughs and colds, Sage is a true cold-season ally. 


Infuse 1tsp herb blend per cup of hot water for 7-10min. Sip 1-3 cups daily or as needed.