Boo-boo Butter - Gentle Salve

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Soothe tender skin


For all manner of skin irritations on the gentlest of areas. From cracked nipples and hemorrhoids to diaper rashes and vulva care, this salve is gentle yet powerfully soothing. This also makes an amazing lip balm! 

Similar to our Kalmeren Salve (which is a staple in our home for all manner of rashes, bites and burns) this Boo-boo Butter is a wonderful staple remedy and is our top pick for the most delicate and freshest of skin. Safe for pregnant moms and babies. 



Calendula is a powerful skin healing herb. This resinous and beautiful flower is packed full of healing properties for all manor of wounds. It is anti-inflammatory and nourishing to the skin.

Plantain promotes skin regeneration and prevents scarring. It's soothing while also being antibacterial. 

*Contains Avocado Oil and Beeswax

Apply as needed. May be used on open skin, but avoid deep wounds.