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Rose & Chamomile Facial Serum - All skin types

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Rose & Chamomile Facial Serum - All skin types

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30ml (dropper)
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Soak up the Rose

30 ml / 50 ml

Our serums are infused oils similar to our body oils but with a higher concentration of herbs used and higher quality of oils including Organic Jojoba oil which is specifically well suited for our face and a very stable oil. 

I crafted this oil for my own rosacea and acne prone skin. I needed something that would soothe inflammation, was hypoallergenic and incredibly moisturizing while not clogging pores. After years of only being able to wash my face with water, I now use this serum as both a cleanser and a moisturizer. 


Wild Rose nourishes and cools sun soaked, inflamed, dry, damaged and sensitive skin. The hips are high in vitamins A & C, and contain gamma linolenic acid and linoleic acid which help regenerate and strengthen skin cells! We've combined rose hips with rose petals here for double rose action. 

Chamomile with its with its anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and wound healing properties, is a go-to for skin health. It is also a wonderful aid for nervous tension, easing us into quietude.

Plantain nourishes skin, moistens dry tissues and is anti-inflammatory. Its high mucilage content enables it to coat and deeply moisturize cell membranes.

Jojoba is anti-inflammatory which helps to tame chapped skin, it reduces redness caused by dryness, eases symptoms related to eczema and rosacea and keeps skin calm. Its oil (sebum) is so close to that which our body naturally produces that it's much less likely to clog pores. 



To use as a cleanser, massage roughly 5 drops into skin in gentle circular motions. Rinse off with warm water or gently wipe off with a warm cloth. Spritz on toner and re-apply 2-3 drops Rose Serum as a moisturizer.  

Our Promise

Our small batch products are made with orgranicly grown or foraged herbs and crafted in an unapologetically slow and time honoured way. No preservatives, no added fragrance, no emulsifiers.

Just simple plant based formulations akin to those made in the kitchens of our great grandmothers.

SHIPPING: As a one woman show, please allow 5-7 days for processing orders. Often faster, but sometimes not. Thank you for understanding! FYI, shipments usually go out on TUESDAYS.

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