Hibiscus + Sumac Lip Balm

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Deeply soothe and protect chapped or dry lips.


Delicious, moisturizing, nourishing and lightly tinted with Hibiscus and Alkanet root. This lip balm is one of our favourite products! This lip balm is so nourishing, you only need to apply a small amount. Leaving your lips nourished, rather than more chapped, this balm is our go to. 

This balm is also great as an emergency bug bite remedy!

*This is a whole plant infused lip balm made with hand-harvested herbs grown organically or foraged locally.




Sumac is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and full of nutrients. This antioxidant rich and wild berry is one of my personal favourites. 

Hibiscus is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and rich in vitamin C and delicious flavour.

Rose is anti-inflammatory, soothing to the tissues, cooling and softening.

*Contains avocado oil, castor oil and beeswax.


Use as needed on dry, chapped or sun damaged lips. Can also be used on bug bites and minor rashes and burns.