Pain Relief Tincture ~ California Poppy + CBD

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Invite relief of pain and inflammation, feel supported and welcome ease into your life.

1 fl oz . 30 ml

Aspirin was originally made by isolating a compound found in both White Willow and Meadowsweet. That isolated compound can unfortunately cause damage to the intestines, but when taken as a whole plant extraction, it does not. Its flexible branches were chewed on and made into teas and poultices for pain and inflammation for centuries. 

I love White Willow. It feels like a supportive mother, one who would tend to pains and injuries by letting them float off on the breeze, through her silvery leaves. 

Our Willow is collected from fallen branches and willing trees growing among the wet meadows at the river's edge. California Poppy is harvested from our gardens where its seeds were lovingly planted each spring for its ability to ease pain and soothe the nerves. Our CBD is stillroom extracted  from quality Hemp for its wonderful and potent pain and nerve medicine. St. John's Wort is extracted from garden grown and carefully harvested flowering tops, rich in hypericin and wonderful for repairing damaged nerves, easing pain and lifting the mood. And finally, resinous hops flowers picked from climbing vines tumbling over an ash trellis in the middle of our gardens. 



White Willow has been used  traditionally in treatment of pain, inflammation and cramping. Its flexible branches were chewed on and made into teas and poultices for a variety of applications.

Hemp Extract (Hemp derived CBD) is used in pain management, inflammation, and blood vessel dilation while also relaxing the body in times of stress. 

California Poppy is the gentler, non addictive cousin to the opium poppy. This wonder plant is used in its entirety for pain and inflammation and for calming the body and mind. 

Hops is a nervine, a gentle nervous system support that also relaxes the mind and eases pain. Often used in combination with Valerian for sleep, as it quiets the inner chatter. 

St. John's Wort is a wonderful mood lifter, a ray of sunshine in the darkness. But it's also a gentle pain reliever and is used to repair damaged nerves. 

Flower Essences of Opium Poppy, Borage, Self Heal and Joe Pye Weed to release old wounds, build trust and courage, uplift the spirit, and encourage inner healing. 


Take 15-30 drops in a little water as needed. Check with your doctor before using herbs if pregnant or on any medication. Avoid use if on anti-depressants.



Vodka, Spring Water + Organic Vegetable Glycerine infused with Populus Alba (Willow) Bark, Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy), Humulus lupus (Hops) flower,  Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort), Hemp extract, Raw Honey + flower essences.  

All of our Tinctures are made from freshly harvested plants, infused within hours of gathering for the most vibrant extracts available. All of our herbs are grown organically and harvested from our gardens or foraged locally.