Spilling Tea Together

Spilling Tea Together


Teas are coming. ⁠

As the spring gently rolls in and I prepare the cupboards for a new influx of plants and potions, I'm faced with several of my favourite herbs waiting in jars to be used. ⁠

I make all of my tinctures, elixirs and bitters with fresh herbs only. That leaves the carefully dried herbs in my cupboard to be infused into oils, butters, creams, honeys and scrubs. But, lest we forget tea! ⁠

I don't have have a garden large enough to sustain a regular supply of tea blends, but I do have enough to carefully blend a few. These are the blends I usually save for myself and my family.. but as Kelsey apprenticed with me all last summer, we have enough put up to share. ⁠

Our limited batch of tea blends will be launching on May 1st, just in time for Mother's Day! We're open for local pick up of course and I'll be offering weekly drop offs at The Wild Stand in Collingwood as well. ⁠

Happy sipping :)⁠

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