Wild Roots Bitters - Liver Support

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Feel the Glow.

2oz / 60ml

The liver is the largest organ in the human body! It is also involved in all of our physiological processes and plays a huge role the breaking down of carbs, proteins, fats and vitamins. It's also involved in hormones and a huge player in our skin health!  Not to mention of course, its massive role in detoxing our body from drugs, pollutants, artificial food and cosmetic additives.

Liver support is crucial for finding balance (and glowing skin). I like to say that the liver and gut are the root of all health. Let's give a little love to our overworked livers and feel the glow! This is our non alcoholic version of our Liver Support Tonic, made with apple cider vinegar. 



Burdock Root is a bitter and sweet root that supports the liver and has been used for all manner of skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea along with supporting digestion.

Yellow Dock Root supports deep digestion, mineral absorption and the health of the bowels. It helps get bile flowing properly and keeps things moving, aiding in elimination of toxins! Also used frequently for skin conditions.

Dandelion Root & Leaf supports the kidneys along with the liver. It eases inflammation of the gallbladder + liver and works widely as a digestive tonic while also aiding in the balancing of hormones. 

Plantain is a wonderfully nutritive herb that has been used to help heal wounds internally and externally while moistening and lubricating the system

*contains organic apple cider vinegar and raw honey



15-30 drops, 2-3x/day for deep liver support. Can also be taken with meals as a digestive aid.