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Wild Meadow Body Oil

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4oz / 120ml

Walking through the meadows in early fall is stunning to say the least with purples and yellows filling the valley floor. So many of our native plants are considered weeds and unhelpful, but in reality, there are so many benefits to so many of our local flora.  

Body oiling ancient. Anointing the body; taking time to pay attention to it, to thank it for all its hard work. Our nervous systems are often near collapse, we are trained to work harder, push through, lean in.  But what if the thing we really need is a radical shift towards leaning out? To slowing down? To setting boundaries and leaving the dishes till tomorrow? What if the radical way to health and wellness is  sitting quietly and nourishing our nervous system through massage and herbal infused oils? 


New England Aster has been used to treat dry, irritated skin and is both anti-inflammatory and astringent. 

Golden Rod is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and astringent

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing

*Contains Avocado oil 



Add some to your bath or apply directly to wet or dry skin. Allow some time to massage this beautiful oil in, connecting with yourself, spending time showing yourself love and affection. Wrap yourself in a robe and lay down, revelling in self compassion.