Botanically Infused Soaps ~ no EO's

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Welcome luxurious lather with these botanical beauties. 


These beautiful soaps are handcrafted with whole plant infused oils and free of essential oils or added fragrance. Why? Because many people are developing sensitivities to potent EO's and we've opted to not use them in any of our products from day one. This allows those EO sensitive to feel safe purchasing from our store.

Back to the soap...  I've made several batches of soap myself and thought about diving in deeper but then I met Vanessa for Bayview Acres and saw the incredible job she was already doing. From growing her own herbs to living on the grid to raising rescued animals on her farm and I changed my mind.

I want to focus on what I do best and support other women who do what they do best and together we can raise each other up. So purchase of this beautiful soap and support female entrepreneurs double time! 

We've got whole plant infused Chamomile + Calendula, Jasmine + Yarrow and finally, Coconut + Rose. ⁠

Limited supply of each, but we'll custom order more of these beauties if you love them as much as I do. ⁠