Under the Moon Tea - Relax & Restore

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Soothe Emotional + Physical Stresses

30 g


Gently welcome relaxing vibes and quiet evenings with this herbal tea blend. Safe for children and adults alike, this a family staple in our home. Packed with gentle nervous system supporting and pain relieving herbs, this a wonderful all purpose blend.

Sip this summery blend of flowers and leaves and let the day's aches and stresses slowly unravel and fall to the floor. 

This blend is ideal for bedtime but can be sipped throughout the day as it is non-sedating. 



Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and a tonic for the nervous system. A wonderful ally in times of stress and sleeplessness.

Lemon Balm has been used to treat anxiety, stress and overwhelm, toning and soothing the nervous system in a gentle way. Also a mild and digestive tonic. 

Catnip has long been used to treat digestive complaints around gas and bloating as well as as a nervous system tonic. 

Linden is a mild pain reliever and a wonderful anti-inflammatory while soothing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Rose is a physical and emotional heart medicine, used to open energetic pathways around the heart and allowing emotion to flow.  



Add 1tsp tea blend per cup of hot water and let steep 7-10min. Sip 1-3 cups daily.