Tulsi + Bergamot Body Oil - Nervous System Support

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Invite Nervous System Support

4 fl oz . 120 ml

Is your nervous system a little fried? Mine too. For long term nervous system care, I always suggest looking into reducing stressors on the body + mind but sometimes it's unavoidable or we just need a little extra support. 

Body oiling is an ancient practice that supports skin health and blood circulation but this practice also engages the parasympathetic (rest + digest) nervous system. Combine that with herbs that bring calm and balance to the nervous system and we're golden!

Use this oil when you're feeling burnt out, before bed or after a shower, bath or sauna. Best used regularly to help tone the nervous system. 

Be sure to keep this product from heat and away from direct sun.



Want to pair this with internal supports? Try our Calm Glycerite, Under the Moon Tea or Motherwort Tincture.


Tulsi / Holy Basil is a wonderfully gentle and calming adaptogen, increasing the ability to handle stress, especially when used regularly. 

Bergamot / Bee balm is a nervine, that has a gentle and calming effect on the nervous system. It’s used to treat anxiety and stress, especially in sensitive patients like children.

Feverfew is used to soothe muscle tension and tension headaches, reduce fever and treat arthritis. It is a gentle relaxant. 

Calendula is amazing at supporting the lymphatic system, easing stress on the body. Energetically, calendula is deeply grounding and is used to restore calm in moments of overwhelm. 

Catnip is a nervine and is often used to ease anxiety and stress. It is very gentle and supportive, especially where stress is held in the digestive system. 

*Contains avocado oil. 


This is a whole plant infused body oil made with hand-harvested herbs grown organically or foraged locally.



This is an external product. Add some to your bath or apply directly to wet or dry skin. Allow some time to massage this beautiful oil in, connecting with yourself, spending time showing yourself love and affection. Wrap yourself in a robe and lay down, revelling in self compassion and relaxation. 

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