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Self Heal Elixir ~ Throat, Ulcers + Wounds

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A Helping Hand

2 fl oz / 60ml

Self Heal, Prunella Vulgaris. Also known as All Heal, Brunella or Heart of the Earth. This little innocuous herb grows underfoot everywhere. With her purple blooms, clustered on thin stocks, she's a beautiful sight.  

If you've bene experiencing mouth sores or ulcers (such as herpes or stomach ulcers), inflammation or mutagenic cells, Self Heal may be the herb for you. 

'There is no better wound herb' ~ M Grieves



Self Heal has long been used in the treatment of ulcers, bruises and a multitude of wounds to speed up healing. Self Heal is also considered an anti-mutagentic and effectively tested against environmental carcinogens.  

Herbal Actions: astringent, styptic, tonic, anti-mutagenic 

*Contains vodka and local, raw honey.


 Take 15-30 drops 2x/daily or as needed. 



Prunella vulgaris was found to be anti mutagenic in nature inhibiting mutagenicity of benzopyrene. Similarly P. vulgaris spikes when tested against the environmental mutagens and carcinogens like benzopyrene, 1, 6-dinitropyrene and 3, 9-dinitrofluoranthene were reported effective.

Prunella Vulgaris was successfully used against Herpes simplex virus. It was able to effectively inhibit HIV-1 replication with relatively low cytotoxicity.

P. vulgaris extracts was reported to suppress the proliferation in Raji cells and may be a new anti-lymphoma drug.

The anti-inflammatory effect was observed in extract of P. vulgaris via inhibition of ROS/NF-κB pathway by inducing HO-1 and eNOS expression mediated by Nrf2, thereby suggesting that herb may be a possible remedy for inhibition of diabetic vascular diseases.

P. vulgaris extract significantly suppressed the rise in blood glucose after 30 min in the acute glucose tolerance test and may have a benefit for type I diabetic patients.

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