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Refresh Drops - Oral Care for Teeth & Gums

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Refresh Drops - Oral Care for Teeth & Gums

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Love for your mouth

1oz / 30ml

Toothpaste has long been packed with all sorts of sweeteners, artificial flavours and other additives that can not only strip your teeth but effect your health and your gut biome, while nasty bacteria can do the same thing. In an incredible study, they found that dye injected into the belly of a rat would show up inside the centre of the tooth in less than a minute, proving in fact that the tooth is not individual, but part of the whole. 

We also know how important our oral hygiene is and how it impacts our all over health. These Refresh Drops were crafted for daily oral care, but can also be used in combination with your regular oral care products. It's warming and delicious too and child approved! 



Yarrow, or as it's often called, Wound Wart, has long been used to aid in the healing of wounds. It's anti-septic and and anti-bacterial qualities make it ideal for treatment of wounds or delicate tissues. It's often used to staunch the flow of blood and is an incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory. It is also used in the management of pain. 

Lavender not only calms the nerves but is also used in the treatment of parasites, bacteria, inflammation and wounds. 

Cardamom is commonly used in oral care to freshen the breath and has been found to be effective in fighting multiple bacteria that can cause dental cavities. It's also wonderfully anti-inflammatory. 

*Contains organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) Oil derived from organic coconut. 



Apply one pump to a dry toothbrush and use to massage gums and brush the teeth. May be used in place of toothpaste or in treatment before or after toothpaste.  

Our Promise

Our small batch products are made with orgranicly grown or foraged herbs and crafted in an unapologetically slow and time honoured way. No preservatives, no added fragrance, no emulsifiers.

Just simple plant based formulations akin to those made in the kitchens of our great grandmothers.

SHIPPING: As a one woman show, please allow 5-7 days for processing orders. Often faster, but sometimes not. Thank you for understanding! FYI, shipments usually go out on TUESDAYS.

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