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Mallow + Peony Body Polish

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Slough it off 



A body polish for soothing your nerves and refreshing your skin. Part of caring for our immune and nervous systems is caring for our skin, our largest organ. Our skin is responsible for eliminating a significant amount of toxins from our body and we need to care for it so it can do its job properly. 

This sugar based polish is loaded with Mallow, Peony and Magnolia flowers and calendula infused avocado oil. 



Mallow flowers are deeply soothing and nourishing to dry skin. They've been used externally and internally to address skin inflammation and irritation. 

Magnolia flowers are not just stunning and aromatic, they're also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and are used to even skin tone (hello liver spots and redness!).

Lilac is similarly stunning and fragrant while also being a gentle astringent and antibacterial. Lilac has been found to help promote glowing, radiant skin. 

Calendula flowers are little saches of sunlight. They are packed with all sorts of vitamins, minerals and resins for promoting skin regeneration, fighting bacteria and easing inflammation.  


*Contains Avocado Oil and Organic Cane Sugar



Gently massage on damp skin and let sit 3-5 minutes before rinsing off for best effects. Avoid broken or irritated skin.