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Luminance ~ Skin Renew Tea Blend

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Radiance from the inside out

30 g

So often we treat skin from the inside out, but if you've perused my website or social media much, you know I don't advocate for topical treatments alone to solve chronic issues. They help for sure, but to get to the root, we must go within.

This tea is a lovely blend of lubricating and nourishing herbs and also tastes great! Cause it's gotta be good for us to drink it.



Marshmallow is high in mucilage and therefore wonderful at nourishing and coating our mucus membranes and our skin, both topically and internally. The mucilage coats our digestive system as well, promoting healthy elimination of toxins.

Calendula is a well known skin healing herb. It helps promote skin cell regeneration, fights bacteria, soothes inflammation and is cooling to the system. This herb helps the skin directly and indirectly by also supporting digestion (and proper elimination of toxins!)

Milky Oats / Oat Straw while seemingly simple and common, is one of our most powerfully restorative herbs. It not only lubricates the system from the inside out with its mucilage (sliminess) but also tones our nervous system and helps to mitigate the damage done by stress while nourishing our bodies with vitamins and minerals. 

Rose is a cooling and astringent, soothing the skin from the inside out. It also tones our nervous system and gently moves stagnant emotion and allows for love to flow more freely.

Nettles are a big time nourish-er. They are packed with vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy system and to get that 'glow' we all love. Stingy as they may be when walked through, they are the most gentle and restorative of herbs.


Add 1tsp tea blend per cup of cold-hot water and let steep 7-10min. Sip 1-3 cups daily.