Linen Apron ~ Blue Vervain

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Love your work


I pour myself a cup of tea and walk out to the apothecary, pull my apron over my head and the work begins. The apron, every time I put it on, reminds me of my grandmother. She was always host-ready... wearing nice slacks and a blouse with our course an apron overtop so her clothes wouldn't get splattered with flower, gravy or dirt from the garden. 

The apron is the signifier that I'm at work, its the message to my brain that we're now in a creative or focussed mode. It's the pulling on of the character I am in my work; the herbalist, the gardener, the artist. Yes, sometimes I even wear it when I bake or cookl, it helps me focus somehow. And what's better than a convenient double pocket? Or something to wipe my hands on when all the tea towels have suddenly gone missing. 

These aprons were black printed with Blue Vervain. An appropriate herb for focussed work but also for reminding us to take breaks, to care for ourselves, to stop and eat a good meal or to walk stroll through the garden just for pleasure. 

This is my first run of block printed aprons. We'll see what comes, but it's sure been lovely to dive back into the inks again. 


The apron is a dusty lavender, sits just above my knee (I'm 5'9"), has a double pocket and the tie is long enough to be done up in behind or in front. Each print may have slight variations, all done in white ink.