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Lilac & Magnolia Body Oil

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Lilac & Magnolia Body Oil

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Steep in the flowers

4oz / 120ml

Lilac is such a nostalgic smell, it instantly brings me back to childhood and hiding under its fragrant branches. The scent of lilac is difficult to capture, almost all lilac perfumes are synthetically created as its aroma is not extracted into alcohol, but only into fat. Women have lovingly tented to their lilac infused lard and tallow, pressing delicate flowers into the surface over and over, switching out the petals for new ones every day before the flowers faded. Infusing fresh flowers into oil is the next best choice! Its fragrance is mild but true. Combined with Magnolia gathered only a week earlier and lavender from my garden, this is a beautifully soft floral body oil. 

Body oiling itself is ancient. Anointing the body; taking time to pay attention to it, to thank it for all its hard work. Our nervous systems are often near collapse, we are trained to work harder, push through, lean in.  But what if the thing we really need is a radical shift towards leaning out? To slowing down? To setting boundaries and leaving the dishes till tomorrow? What if the radical way to health and wellness is sitting quietly and nourishing our nervous system through massage and herbal infused oils? 



Lilac flowers are astringent and have been used to tighten and tone the skin. They've also been used to treat rashes and sensitive skin. 

Magnolia is anti-inflammatory and has been used on the skin to help reduce redness and puffiness. It's also been used to easy anxiety, stress, depression and headaches. 

Lavender has long been used for its relaxing properties, aiding in the treatment of stress and anxiety. It's also a wonderful anti-inflammatory and detoxifier and is often used to calm redness, swelling, eczema and dry dry skin. 


*Whole plants infused in Avocado Oil

Add some to your bath or apply directly to wet or dry skin. Allow some time to massage this beautiful oil in, connecting with yourself, spending time showing yourself love and affection. Wrap yourself in a robe and lay down, revelling in self compassion. 


Our Promise

Our small batch products are made with orgranicly grown or foraged herbs and crafted in an unapologetically slow and time honoured way. No preservatives, no added fragrance, no emulsifiers.

Just simple plant based formulations akin to those made in the kitchens of our great grandmothers.

SHIPPING: As a one woman show, please allow 5-7 days for processing orders. Often faster, but sometimes not. Thank you for understanding! FYI, shipments usually go out on TUESDAYS.

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