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Home Apothecary Workshop ~ June 4th

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From coughs and colds to fevers, belly aches and anxiety, effective remedies are easily made in the kitchen. Herbal allies grow all around us (and our spice draws are filled with them) so it’s time we remember what medicine they provide and how to use them. 

Join me  Sunday, June 4th 10am-12pm  for a little herb walk where we’ll learn to identify some of these helpful herbs, harvest them together and make remedies for you to bring home. We’ll discuss immunity and the nervous system and daily practices we can incorporate to strengthen both. 

This workshop includes a detailed hand out including how to's and recipes along with all the bottles and supplies required to make an herbal vinegar and more. 

What we'll cover;
  • Herbs for immunity, first aid + nervous system
  • Herb walk to identify relevant plants
  • How/when to gather them
  • Making an herbal vinegar 

This 2hr workshop is designed for beginner herb enthusiasts. No prior knowledge or experience required. We are gathering to share and learn together. We'll be tasting and discussing herbs and different preparations of them. Feel free to bring snacks!  

This workshop is being held at my home and garden in Kimberley, Ontario.