Gua Sha ~ Facial Massage Stone

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Drain + Sculpt

Gua Sha a multi-action facial tool designed to help lift, tone and sculpt the face and neck. It's a wonderful tool for aiding in lymph drainage and de-puffing the face. 

Yes, you can totally use your hands instead but I love this stone for it's shape and contours, for consistent pressure, its ease of use and it's temperature. It stays cool no matter the season, and it's extra luxurious when cooled in the fridge before use on a hot day. 

Who's it Good For? all skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination and normal. 

How do we use it? After cleansing the skin, apply a generous amount of facial serum or cream and gently sweep the stone across the face, working towards the lymphatic drainage systems. Don't miss out on the neck and jaw!