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First Aid Kit

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This First Aid Kit has a little bit of everything and is a great way to sample our products!

This combo is great for everyone, especially those on the go, those who are outdoorsy or have kids or are accident prone. We've got bug bites, burns, bleeding noses, rashes and pain taken care of here. 

The First Aid Kit contains the following;

1oz Yarrow Elixir ~ for bleeding noses, heavy menstruation, bleeding wounds of any kind. Taken internally. 

2oz Pain Salve ~ topical application for cramping muscles, back pain, neck tension, arthritis and more. 

1oz Kalmeren Salve ~ topical for all things bug bite, eczema outbreak, burns, rashes etc. 

1 oz Balm of Gilead ~ topical for fungal infections, rashes, open cuts and wounds, burns and more. 

Block printed, rust coloured, zippered pouch.


See individual product listing for ingredient lists.