Elderflower Facial Toner ~ Combo or Oily Skin

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Tone, Tighten and Moisturize

2oz / 60ml

This Facial Toner was crafted from Witch Hazel distillate infused with Elderflowers and Purple Loosestrife harvested from our gardens and surrounding meadows.

I love these two plants so much and have such an affinity for them in terms of skin health. So rarely do I see anyone using elderflowers for skin products and I'm not sure I've ever see anyone out gathering Purple Loosestrife with appreciation! This invasive purple beauty that resembles lavender from afar is a wonderful and under appreciated herb!

Spritz this toner after cleansing your skin and follow with a moisturizer or serum. You can also use this on a hot day to cool the skin or apply to a bug bite, burn or 



Witch Hazel is a powerful anti-inflammatory and astringent herb, wonderful for tightening pores and calming skin. 

Elderflower is a tonifying and astringent herb historically used to even skin tone and help treat 'liver spots' as well as wrinkles and acne. This beautiful grandmother plant is energetically wise and supportive. 

Purple Loosestrife is used to treat varicose veins, eczema, sores, and wounds. It has a wonderfully nutritive, cooling and astringent effect and been shown to be antimicrobial.

*Contains a small amount of alcohol.  



This toner is made with a whole plant infused witch hazel base. Spritz as needed after cleansing. Follow with a moisturizing serum while still damp.