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Deep Sleep Kit

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Invite deep and restorative rest. 

Welcome Deep Sleep with these small batch, hand crafted herbal supports for immune health. At BLOEM, we strive for safe + effective products through the use of fresh, seasonal and bio-regional herbs. Our products are free from preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers or added fragrance; nature at its purest!  


The DEEP SLEEP Kit includes;

Deep Sleep Tincture ~ to support the reduction of mind chatter and the soothing of nerves for a restful sleep. 1oz

Calendula + Bergamot Body Oil ~ to engage the rest and digest nervous system, stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage and welcome relaxation. 2oz.

Slumber Bath Salts ~ for a deeply calming and meditative bath experience. Follow with Body Oil above. 4 oz. 

Tulsi + Vervain Tea ~ to soothe the nerves and calm the mind.  6g.


 *This is a seasonal kit! Available while quantities last.