Deep Liver ~ Castor Oil Pack

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Support the Liver, Digestion, Auto-Immune Conditions and More.

4oz . 120ml

Our liver is flushing toxins, breaking down fats, producing bile and flushing excess hormones. Many imbalances begin in the gut and liver. Our bodies are overrun with toxins, fats, excess hormones and more, throwing our immune system into overdrive and exhausting it completely. 

Our digestion is often under functioning. A great way to support digestion, beyond diet, is supporting the liver. Castor oil packs (EXTERNAL support) placed over the liver can help support liver function and move stagnation. We can also support digestion in the colon and small intestine with castor oil packs over the gut to support the clearing of stagnation and elimination of toxins.

Our castor pack cloth is made with 2 layers of very plush organic cotton fleece and lined on the back with an organic cotton waffle. You can purchase the Deep Liver Oil with or without our pack cloth. 



Castor Oil, when applied externally with heat, can penetrate 8cm into the body to soften dense tissues, move stagnation and ease inflammation. 

Comfrey is a wonderfully nourishing herb, easing inflammation and promoting cell regeneration. 

Dandelion has a wonderful way of moving into densely packed areas of the body and slowly moving stagnation out. It is a great rebalancer and works in subtle but transformative ways. 

Cleavers support lymphatic drainage which winds its way through all of our organs and flushes toxins. When supporting digestion and liver health, Cleavers are a fantastic addition. 

Calendula is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It supports our immune system while also supporting any tissue damage in the system. 

Mugwort makes for a wonderful ally in that it aids other herbs by driving them further into the body. It is a grounding herb as well, helping us feel rooted.  

* This pack includes a 9x12", triple layer, organic cotton fleece and waffle cloth + instruction card. 



This is an external product.

If you've never done a castor oil pack, don't worry, it's simple. Apply 2 tablespoons oil to the organic fleece cloth provided and lay over your liver or gut. Cover with an old towel or even a plastic bag and lay a hot water bottle or heating pad on top. Then just take a deep breath, close your eyes and rest for 30 min - 1hr. Read a book or listen to music! Peel away the layers and place the cloth in jar for later use. You can use it several times. Do NOT throw in the laundry with nice things, but rather toss the cloth when fully saturated or wash by hand.