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Courage My Love ~ Flower Essence for Resilience

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Find your voice, rise in your strength.

2oz / 60ml

Rose. The great heart healer. The nourisher. The prickly and beautiful medicine. 

They say many heart healing herbs have prickles or thorns, much like us who's hearts need healing. Rose offers a softening of thorns, a breaking down of those walls we build around us. Its soft, heart shaped petals and thorns gently crack us open, allowing emotion to flow, grief to pass, love to be held. 

Our beautiful Courage My Love flower essence is infused with wild rose collected on the summer solstice, in the glow of the moon. Combined with Blue Vervain and Hibiscus to steep for a beautiful base. Held in that sweet pink nectar is the flower essence of several courage building herbs. 

Courage is not about being unafraid. Courage is being absolutely terrified, taking a breath and marching into battle regardless. It's about fighting for yourself, your neighbour or a complete stranger. It's about letting someone get close. It's about forgiveness. It's about letting go. It's about breaking down walls and running into fires. It's about slaying dragons. Courage is found in the daily grind of facing your boss or spouse or sending your children off to camp. It's also in larger societal moments of fighting for rights and freedoms. It's in fighting a fight without knowing what the outcome will be. 

Breathe in courage. Soften those thorns and face that dragon. Regardless of your battle, find your resilience and voice, listen to your heart. 



Rose is a physical and emotional heart medicine. It helps to open a closed heart, to allow us to love and be loved. 

Blue Vervain connects the heart with the higher self and softens bitterness. It is said to bring your higher knowing and your deepest needs to light. 

Hibiscus is said to open doorways, ground us, to make clear what we want and feel to ask for it. 

Borage has long been used to provide courage before battle, to provide resilience in fear, to lift the spirit and they heart towards the sun. 

Red Clover is used for discovering our voice, our true feelings and finding clarity in the fog of social pressure. When voices around us rage, clover gives us a quiet place to hear our own thoughts.  

Yarrow provides emotional protection from those around us. Providing a gentle armour that allows us to empathize without taking on the feelings of others.

Cosmos for connecting our hearts to our heads, for finding clarity and voice.

Mullein clears the mind of trivial pursues and allows for a distinct inner voice to resound and providing resilience against social pressures that inhibit our potential.

Joe Pye Weed brings a vibrant, uplifting energy orienting us to joy and trust. It invites us to trust in the sweetness and goodness of life. 

*Contains organic vegetable glycerine, water and vodka.



 Take 15-30 drops as needed. For acute anxiety, take one dose every 30min for 2hrs. 

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