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Wild Woman Herbal Retreat ~ June 25th ~ Tamworth Ontario

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Honour the Wild Woman 

Join me on June 25th for a day of foraging and fun as we dive deep into the wonderful and wild herbs growing all around us. We’ll play with plant intuition, discuss herbs as medicine, first aid and food, and dig deep into the philosophy of trusting nature and more. 

This will be an exploration of sacred and medical plants growing underfoot while forging new connections with other wild women. 

What we'll explore;

  • Wild Herb Walks
  • Ethical foraging
  • Herbs as food
  • Plant Intuition
  • Herbal preparations including salts, vinegars and more.  

This day long retreat is being held at my friend Victoria's Shibagau Creak Forest Farmstead, an off grid 100 acre nature preserve. Five minutes east of Tamworth Ontario and 30 min north of Napanee. 

*Limited to 15 people

Connecting with nature and remembering what medicines our bodies have attuned to over thousands of years is empowering, to say the least. We'll be spending the day walking the forest and discussing what we’ll discover around us. As we collect wild herbs and plants, we’ll learn what they can be used for, be it medicine, first aid or food. 

TAKE AWAYS: As we walk, forage, and collect we’ll create an herbal gift for you to take home. The gift will be pending our collective discoveries, and this could include a cedar/or pine bath salt, a vinegar, pesto or even a first aid salve.  

WEATHER: Bring layers and raincoats. There is cover if the weather is inclement, but the intention is to walk and talk regardless of conditions. 

FOOD: Bring a packed lunch, snacks and any water you'll need for the day. We'll have some things there that we make together as well. 

You are more than welcome to stay on Saturday or Sunday night either in the Farmhouse or bring your own tent. There is a fee for the farmhouse, but camping is free for 1 night, simply bring bedding, drinking water, food and toiletries.

Amenities: There is an outhouse on site, an outdoor shower with rain water collected from barrels. An outdoor kitchen with a coleman stove, a bbq, and there is a firepit for cooking, warming oneself and if you feel like a sing-song. There is a composting toilet in the farmhouse and plenty of fresh water from the well – exercise is included.

GARBAGE: We request that whatever you bring in, you take home with you. 

This is a perfect opportunity to disconnect from modern life and reconnect with your quiet inner self. 

LOCATION: Shibagau Creek Forest Farmstead, 100 acres of off-grid farmstead and nature preserve. 5 mins east of Tamworth, Ontario which is 30 minutes north of Napanee and Highway 401.