Calm Glycerite ~ Nervous Exhaustion

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Invite a calm and restful mind + body. 

2 fl oz / 58 ml


Breathe. Slow down. Take a moment to look around… look up and see the sky. Let yourself relax and melt back into your day with an ease. Herbs have been used to treat mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression successfully for many years. Combined with other practices like body oiling, meditation, breath work, journalling, spending time outdoors, grounding or just taking a moment to tend to your own needs can be both profound and deeply liberating in terms of stress, depression and anxiety. 

This extract is made with organic vegetable glycerine so it is sweet and easy to take for all ages. 



Holy Basil / Tulsi is a wonderfully fragrant herb that is well loved for its ability to help us manage though stressful times. Many find this herb to be incredibly grounding.

Milky Oats are an incredibly powerful nervous system support, specifically for nervous exhaustion. Referred to as a trophorestorative, oats bring balance to the NS, restoring ease when needed. The oat top, gathered when milky (before it fully ripens) is used to aid in restoring depleted and exhausted nerves. 

Peppermint is wonderful at addressing tension that accumulates in the digestive system. It's also a mild pain reliever and helps stimulate movement throughout the body and mind - not in a caffein way, but more along the lines of facilitating movement where there may be stagnation. 

Flower Essence blend to bring about a state of calm, to lift soul and to release negative feelings. 


*Contains organic vegetable glycerine and water.



 Take 15-30 drops as needed. For acute anxiety, take one dose every 30min for 2hrs.